Fragrance Reed Diffusers by Aromatica: Caramel Vanilla


Fragrance Reed Diffusers by Aromatica
100ml includes natural reed diffuser sticks

Caramel Vanilla will take you back to times of sweet lollies and good times. An amazing delicious creamy blend of vanilla, butter and rich luscious caramel. If you love sweet, juicy caramel, give this one try. Smells so good, it’s an intoxicating feel good aroma. Great for the child within, and kids love it too.

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Our Reed Diffusers are made with an Australian made Premium Reed Diffuser plant based oil and contains No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). The most environmentally friendly Reed base on the market. Your purchase should last for months. Do not place in a hot position and turn reeds weekly.

CAUTION ; wipe up spills immediately to avoid damage to surfaces or fabrics. For Reed diffusers only, DO NOT USE FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE


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