Firebrand Queensland

Raising funds & awareness for Queensland based charities, organisations and families.

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A ‘Firebrand’ is described as someone who is passionate about community based causes, someone who raises public interest or is an energetic person. 

That’s what we do, that’s who we are at Firebrand Queensland. Raising awareness and funds for Queensland focused charities and smaller home grown Australian businesses. We want people in our own back yard to ‘feel better’. That’s our aim and it’s our slogan “feel better Queensland”.
We do this in a number of ways. 
Firstly by selling authorised fundraising merchandise from our charity partners, which provides charity organisations with an additional income, supporting their endeavours while raising awareness for their cause, who they support and how our customers and the community can help.
Secondly, we source high quality Queensland made products. From skincare to jewellery, homewares and personal care products, all responsible, environmentally conscious, animal cruelty free, gifts for good. Why? Because we strive to make you ‘feel better’ about your purchase. Making a difference in more ways than one.
Finally, our own brand products are designed, developed, printed and produced right here in Queensland. Meaning we directly support other small businesses, families and communities too. It’s a win, win, win!
Firebrand Queensland is unique, we are proud of what we have achieved and we are dedicated to making a difference. So help us ‘Feel better Queensland’!

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Firebrand Queensland is the little business with a heart of gold with our aim to support Queensland based charities and organisations. We do this by selling authorised, charity approved fundraising merchandise, Queensland made products from Queensland based businesses, and launched our own suicide prevention campaign
Don’t Give Up On You

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