Firebrand Queensland

Raising funds & awareness for Queensland based charities, organisations and families.

Firebrand Queensland

Selling authorised merchandise on behalf of the charities which in turn help their clients, customers & supporters.

Join Firebrand in supporting charities, on the front line that support real people…

By buying from us and using your voice to support charities and causes you love, you can make a real difference to peoples lives. 

With your support our charity partners will be there for people across the country, so no one has to face a disaster alone. 

We love giving charities solutions to help raise money and awareness and drive funds to their cause. Firebrand looks after charities, organisations and families. 

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About Firebrand…

Who is Justin, and what is Firebrand all about!

A ‘Firebrand’ is described as someone who is passionate about community based causes, someone who raises public interest or is an energetic person. 

That’s what we do, that’s who we are at Firebrand Queensland. Raising awareness and funds for Queensland focused charities and smaller home grown Australian businesses. We want people in our own back yard to ‘feel better’. That’s our aim and it’s our slogan “feel better Queensland”.


Working with Justin from Firebrand has been an absolute privilege for the past 5 years!!

His tireless efforts in raising awareness for Kids with Cancer foundation in Queensland has made a lasting difference to our charity!! His passion and creativity have helped be a much-needed voice for sick kids and their families!!

Rachele Whelan
Manager Fundraising & Corporate Partnerships


Kids with Cancer Foundation (KWCF) has enjoyed a successful relationship with Justin Bygrave and Firebrand for more than 5 years.

Justin approached KWCF with a terrific proposal which meshed his retail business with a centred purpose on philanthropic giving – a successful model which has seen Firebrand contribute more than $20,000 in lifetime giving to KWCF.

As a charity that helps the most vulnerable in society – kids with cancer and their families, we are energized by Justin’s heart, care, commitment and passion for our work and value this partnership incredibly. His initiatives to raise awareness and much needed funding for our cancer research projects, our financial assistance for families and wigs for kids programs have been hugely successful in terms of money and awareness raised.

As a retailer and KWCF brand ambassador, Justin wears his heart on his sleeve, which makes it easy for us and all of Queensland to see how big it is!


The new campaign from Firebrand Queensland for Suicide Prevention.
”Our thoughts can change… our moods can change… and our lives can change for the better. This is not the end it’s just the beginning…”
Buy the song today…
Don’t Give Up On You: The Song
Written & Performed by Lucy McAleer
Available now from iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and all streaming services 
Executive producer: Justin Bygrave

Firebrand Queensland is the little business with a heart of gold with our aim to support Queensland based charities and organisations. We do this by selling authorised, charity approved fundraising merchandise, Queensland made products from Queensland based businesses, and launched our own suicide prevention campaign
Don’t Give Up On You

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